Instructions to Aspirants
1.Disable the PopUp blocker in system before registering your application.
2.Registration contains two parts: i. General Information  ii. Educational Qualifications.
General Information: Fill and save the General Information. After saving the General Information, a unique application number will be generated. Applicants are requested to note down the application number and keep as reference for future use such as to print the application.
Educational Qualifications:After saving the General Information, the pplicants are requested to fill the educational information also to complete the registration.More than one educational qualification can be entered.
3.Search the Application: After registering the application, the pplicants can search and update the information  by using Application number/Adhar number.
4.Print the Application: Take the printout of the application by using Application number/Adhar number.
5.The fields with * mark are  mandatory.